Welcome & Info

Welcome to the yoga sanctuary for embodied movement and restorative practices. Please take a look around, come back often and stay in touch. Continue reading below for an overview of 2019!

About me and the way I work
In the yoga I share, I teach others how to find and use their own tools such as awareness of movement, breath, sensation and thought to move beyond this denser place of mental clutter, belief, judgment and opinion to a deeper, more peaceful and lighter sense of ‘I’.  It is from this place where we learn to navigate through our personal selves in a more authentic way, birthing our ‘Yes’, and generously sharing this authenticity in our community.

You can work with me privately, in classes, or by attending a variety of experiential courses, workshops and retreats where I share these tools. There are several ways to work with me in the coming year:

  • Weekly semi-private yoga classes, series-only, no drop-ins (small classes)
  • One-to-one private sessions (yoga poses, alignment, breathing, energy work, meditation, coaching to help shift/widen perspective)
  • Radical Self Care Sessions monthly workshops
  • Kula group monthly retreats (women only)
  • 5-hour training for those wishing to deepen their practice at home or for teachers sharing restorative yoga. Meets criteria for Yoga Alliance continuing education contact hours.
  • 200+ hour teacher training 2020-2021
  • I offer a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your path with yoga and how to work with me.

Weekly Class Spring Series
Level 1 – 90 minutes: These classes generally start with gentle movement for joint mobility and then move into the deeper, restorative yoga poses with long holds using bolsters and blankets. These poses support gentle opening and deep relaxation. Level 1 is a more accessible class for people with mobility issues or who prefer a more gentle and relaxing style of yoga.
Tuesday 11am-12:30pm: $159 for 10 weeks
Friday 11am-12:30pm: $143.10 for 9 weeks

Level 2 – 90 minutes: These classes starts seated with gentle, warm-up style movement to release fascia, mobilize the joints and movement in a present and embodied way. Classes may include long hold yin yoga poses, use of tennis balls and foam rollers, and complex restorative pose setup. You will need to have joint mobility and able to work with a variety of props for pose setups. Embodied Movement refers to moving mindfully, slowly, from a place of deep awareness and skill – the journey of the pose is the point, not the final pose or stretch.
Tuesday 5:30-7pm: $159 for 10 weeks
Friday 1-2:30pm: $143.10 for 9 weeks

Therapeutics – 60 minutes: A therapeutically-oriented class with focus on injury and chronic illness. We focus on small, precise movement and alignment where we will strengthen muscles deep in the body to support the spine. It is recommended that you speak with Jenn before registering for this class as well as your physician if you have an injury.
Postponed for Spring. Message me to be on list.

  • All Tuesday Dates: April 9, 16, 30; May 7, 14, 21; June 4, 11, 18, 25
  • All Friday Dates: April 12, 26; May 3, 17, 31; June 7, 14, 21, 28
  • Holidays considered: Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day
  • Level 1 clients can make up during Level 1 only class within the series.
  • Level 2 clients can make up during Level 2 only class within the series.
  • If I have to cancel classes due to weather, illness or other unforeseen circumstances, a make-up will be provided at the end of the series or with a credit.
  • Do not sign-up until you are certain you are committing to the series. In other words, no holding a spot and then telling me at the last minute you changed your mind. I’ll allow once instance of this and then you will need to pay ahead of time to claim your spot in class.
  • Please note that I do not plan to add any more classes. The remainder of my time is reserved for my training, training others, the Kula group and private sessions.

Radical Self Care
My definition of Radical Self Care: Prioritizing Yourself despite the stressors family, work, community commitments and obligations, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and the feeling of not being connected. The idea is finding stability in your connection to yourself first through a variety of yoga practices and inquiries.

We will meeting once a month, determined quarterly.  $25 per session.
June 8th 11am-1:30pm
Future dates TBA

Kula – Living from the Heart – our Women’s Group
Definition – What does Kula mean?
Kula is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as “community,” “clan” or “tribe.” This word is sometimes used by the yoga community to denote the sense of inclusion and belonging that can be cultivated through yogis coming together to practice yoga.

This kula, or community, of yogis is considered sacred because it is a group of people who come together freely, with intention and a shared sense of purpose. In this way, the traditional idea of yoga as a personal and individual practice can be expanded to include more social aspects and experiences of connection with others as well as the self.

Yogapedia explains Kula
Kula may also be translated to mean “community of the heart.” This implies that the community of people have shared values, and a shared sense of valuing and connecting with each other. These people, in a sense, hold space for each other. Many yogic communities will strive to create this.

The concept of kula can be used to describe the idea that when yogis practice yoga with strangers, they feel inspired and motivated by them. When they then leave their yoga class and this particular group, they are then perhaps more able to go out into the wider community and inspire and support others as well.

2019 Kula Saturday Retreats:
Kula Intensive required for Newbies (Spring 2020) or you can work with Jenn privately in a series of coaching sessions. The intensive is required to provide context and allow for integration into the existing group.

Then regular Kula Saturdays:
6/1 (Saturday)
7/27& 7/28(Weekend Retreat)
12/21 (Party time!)

Continuing Education
A daylong experiential training focusing on restorative practices and embodied movement. We begin at 10am and end at 4:30pm with a 90 minute lunch break from 12:30-2pm. Each date qualifies for 5 contact hours via Yoga Alliance for those who need continuing education hours. Dates are subject to change.
June 22 . September 21 . December 14

For future 200-hour training to become a certified yoga teacher, email Jenn. Next anticipated training is 2020 but you will need to work with me in 2019 before the training. Email me with your interest.

My Rates
Group Classes, general workshops & Kula: $10-12/teaching hour
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education: $15/teaching hour

Private Sessions:
$75 / 60 minutes
$100 / 90 minutes
$120 / 120 minutes
I recommend 1-3 private sessions with me before joining a class series if you are new to yoga (or one of my beginner series offered occasionally). This will help me guide you to the right decision in joining a class as well as know your goals and needs for yoga. Click on the Schedule Appointment link at the top my website.

**If you are a regular/series client, ask about a discount on private sessions**