Restorative Practices Workshop

In this workshop, we will explore restorative backbends, which can be tricky for many practitioners, especially in multi-level restorative classes where we have skilled practitioners alongside new students, alongside practitioners with chronic health conditions and physical limitations.
We will study the structure (anatomy) in order to understand what is happening in backbends and how to find the right prop set-up for all bodies. We will also focus on creating rituals as a teacher that offer up a sacred space to facilitate deep rest, even when you are teaching in the most mundane of places.
This workshop is a great combination of deepening your personal practice by experiencing the effects of the asanas firsthand as well as learning techniques so you can facilitate restoration and deep rest more effectively.
April 13, 10am – 4:30pm with a 90 minute lunch break from 12:30-2pm. Contact Jenn for more details. $75; 5 contact hours YACEP

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Location:  947 Main Street, Barboursville
Contact me with questions: (304) 638-9608

Note:  Space is limited in this specific retreat series.  Early sign-up is highly encouraged. Reimbursement for cancellation will be made if someone is able to fill the spot.

Jenn Brooks has been teaching yoga since 2012 having completed Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and Self Awareness Program with Anna Pittman of The Breathing Space in Blacksburg, Virginia.  She continues deepen her relationship to Self through Anna’s extended programs and other Master teachers. Jenn’s classes reflect her soft, personal practice, focusing on the subtleties of the inner body such as stillness, movement, breath, sensation and vibration.  This refined and skillful knowing and guidance leads her students to a more relaxed and renewed way of being in the world.  These classes can be described as gentle, restorative and physically suitable for those new to yoga as well as those desiring a deeper, more intimate practice.