Restorative Yoga + Sound Bath

Restorative Yoga is the radical pleasure of going slow, resting and listening to our inner wisdom. During this two and one-half hour retreat, Sassa Wilkes and Jenn Brooks will be your guides on a journey inward to find deep relaxation. Spend the evening renewing your body, relaxing and unwinding stress and tension with gentle movement, restorative yoga poses, and a meditative sound immersion.

You will be supported by a variety of cushions and blankets while in relaxing yoga poses that aim to restore the body and mind to natural balance. Through Restorative Yoga, we begin to sooth our overstimulated sympathetic nervous systems and find relief from the stress of our busy lives.  

A sound bath is a meditative immersion in beautiful sounds that create healing vibrations while promoting deep relaxation – like a lullaby for the nervous system. Sassa uses live digital looping to create layers of sound using the ancient technique of overtone singing, letting the resulting vibrations act as a carrier for reiki energy. Each sound bath is unique in that it is truly an improvised, moment-to-moment meditation by both practitioner and participant. As a gift to help carry your meditation practice home, each participant will receive a 10 minute audio download created from the evening’s recorded sounds.

Come experience the magic of this deeply transformational practice.  Paradoxically, by giving ourselves the gift of rest, we will discover more energy for family, work and creativity. This experience is open to everyone, no experience is required.  Bring a yoga mat if you have one, but it is not required.  You may wish to dress in layers and bring a pair of socks to wear.

The details:
Saturday, July 13th, 6-8:30pm, $50
Location:  947 Main Street, Barboursville
Contact me with questions: (304) 638-9608

Note:  Space is limited in this specific retreat series.  Early sign-up is highly encouraged. Reimbursement for cancellation will be made if someone is able to fill the spot.

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