Radical Self-Care Sessions

This month we are working with ways we perceive the world and how to have a more inclusive vision instead of a tight, narrow and contracted focus. We will have a gentle movement practice, do a few restorative yoga poses, be guided in body based meditations and inquiry. So bring your journal and a writing instrument to take notes or reflect on your practice, if you wish! Ideally, you’ll leave refreshed, stretched and ready to tackle your weekend.

These workshops have become a staple of your monthly self care for many of you. I love hearing those words and how much you get from these workshops. Each month, I really contemplate what I can bring to the table to make prioritizing yourself higher and higher on your list!

Bring your journal and bring your curiosity and beginner mind.

My definition of Radical Self Care: Prioritizing Yourself despite the stressors of family, work, community commitments and obligations, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and the sense of not being connected. We will be working with a variety of restorative practices and inquiries. Saturdays from 11am-1:30pm $25.

Scheduled Dates:
July 20
August 17

Location:  947 Main Street, Barboursville

Contact me with questions: HuntingtonYoga@gmail.com (304) 638-9608

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