Radical Self Care Sessions

My definition of Radical Self Care: Taking radical responsibility for your experience, without exception; prioritizing yourself in light of any stressors that arise in the arena of family, work, community commitments, health, hormonal and mood imbalance, anxiety, depression, loneliness, or a sense of not being connected or feeling seen. During these group classes, we work with a variety of restorative practices and inquiries in small doses to bring more harmony into our experiential life.

Autumn is now upon us and winter is approaching and you may already feel the depleting aspects of this time of year. We will be proactive in building reserves so we are giving from a place of generosity instead of giving from a place of depletion.

November 23rd – Our session will be focused around preparing for the holiday season with ideas for taking care of ourselves so we can connect more with those we love.

These next three sessions over the Winter Solstice, Christmas and New Year Holidays (and all the holidays we honor at this time of year), will be devoted to the subtle essences of Ojas, Prana and Tejas.
December 21st – Ojas/Regeneration
December 28th 12pm to 2pm – Tejas/Radiance
January 4th 11am – 1pm – Prana/Cultivation

Cost: $75 for series of 4 workshops or $30 each for non-class series members.
*This series of Radical Self Care sessions is included for Late Fall class series members.
Contact me with questions: HuntingtonYoga@gmail.com  or (304) 638-9608
Location: 947 Main Street in the village of Barboursville

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$30 per workshop plus sales tax
Buy Now Button with Credit Cards
$75 for the series of 4 workshops plus sales tax