Listen: An Almost Silent Retreat

Sister, Do you hear that knocking, that beckoning inside of you calling you home to yourself?  What does she need? ॐ

This fall, I am combining several months of Radical Self Care into one big, ‘almost’ silent retreat day…for women. (Yes…I know there is a Marshall football game.)

I invite you to join me all day long on Saturday, October 26th, beginning at 10am. We will have a very juicy yoga morning practicing that will liven us for our very special day. Our day includes:
-Yoga practice with yin, very slow and accessible vinyasa, restorative and meditations.
-Inquiries for connecting with your needs and desires and core longings
-Group discussion and lecture on getting our needs met
-Ayurveda inspired healthy lunch, herbal teas, snacks
-Fall and winter Ayurveda lifestyle practices to support us in staying warm and nourished for the season coming.

Items to bring: Coming…I will email the attendees items to bring, including journals.

Scheduled Dates:
October 26th – a day long ‘almost silent’ retreat for women
10am until 5:30pm, lunch and snacks included

Cost: $80
Contact me with questions: (304) 638-9608
Location: 947 Main Street in the village of Barboursville

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$80 for the Listen Retreat 10am-5:30pm

My definition of Radical Self Care: Prioritizing Yourself despite the stressors of family, work, community commitments and obligations, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and the sense of not being connected. We will be working with a variety of restorative practices and inquiries.