For Holistic Solopreneurs

I’m Jenn and I’m here to co-participate with you in this new way of being in business.

Challenging times have come upon us and now we are working from home. This is the time for the healers to shine and bring their offerings to the forefront. I’ve prepared for this for 20+ years and can help support you in a holistic way.

I’m hosting an online group mentoring program just for solo entrepreneurs in the holistic or wellness realm. Together, we will reset our nervous system, collaborate, innovate and find support. I also have a lot of wisdom and creativity to share with you.

This is for you if:
-you are a solo entrepreneur
-you work in wellness or holistic realms
-you are a leader and need support
-you identify as a woman or work in a woman-centric realm
-you are finding a need for collaboration
-technology isn’t your strong suit
-marketing isn’t your strong suit
-working from home isn’t your strong suit

This is NOT for you if:
-you are not self-employed in some way or a community leader
-you are looking to copy a business model
-you are looking for a quick fix
-you do not have an interest in holistic wellness or changing your way of maneuvering in the world

For a trial period, I have decided to create this online mentoring platform for us to redefine and recreate the way we maneuver in the world. We will have two online meetings per month via Zoom online meetings. These meetings will be recorded and links available to you if you miss the live meeting or if you cannot attend during the workday. Meetings are the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month from 6-7:30pm (subject to change, and it does change btw…).

And we have a private Facebook Group where we will share, collaborate, innovate and possibly cry. We’ve got this. Join me… Once I receive confirmation of your subscription (sign-up below), I will add you to our private Facebook Group and you can begin to get the feel of what is in store for you and catch up with previously recorded sessions.

I bring to the table:

Restorative Practices

First we must find stability. Stability in self, and that requires being able to regulate our nervous system so we can be calm, engaged, impactful. I use various modalities including yoga, meditation, awareness, etc., to come back to this moment.

Marketing Experience

I have tons of experience here as a sole entrepreneur for the last 10 years, as a social media consultant for a museum and auto dealer, working for television station and more. That comes with me.

Rejuvenation Practices

It is not enough to be in rest and digest. We must be able to hold that stability as well as be able to react and respond to our environment appropriately (run from the tiger when needed, or see there is no tiger). Rejuvenation is about building resiliency and capacity.

Business Experience

None of this makes sense if you cannot be a level-headed business person. We may be all holistic and creative, but we must know the rules we need to follow and the rules we need to break. I’ve worked in technology, internet, telecommunications, automotive, government and my most favorite: person to person.

Wisdom keepers transitioning to wisdom sharers.