HELD: A Radical Self Care “retreat”

HELD takes place on Mother’s Day, May 12th, from 1-5pm.

This is a day of restoration and rejuvenation just for you. Join us in surrendering to the hold of Earth, surrendering to your own loving embrace, and learning to hold each other and your community.


This is a transformative and nurturing experience to help us connect deeply to ourselves and to the world around us.

We will have:

  • A discussion and inquiries about what it means to hold ourselves.
  • A discussion and practical suggestions for your daily self-care practice. In Ayurveda, we call this Dinacharya.
  • A long very gentle and nourishing Restorative Yoga practice. During this time, you will be held by us in the gentlest of ways with Reiki healing energy, safe touch, and essential oils offered and always optional.
  • Held time for you to visit with others and enjoy nourishing Ayurveda-inspired refreshments
  • Guided meditations
  • Journaling, thoughtful prompts, intention setting
  • Healing energy work
  • Vibrational sound bath

More photos and discussion on the Held: Facebook Event Page.

This “Radical Self Care” special retreat is a fundraiser for the Barboursville Arts and Wellness Council in support of /Māk/ Art Gallery and Community Studio which is a non-profit teaching gallery space created with the intention of providing our community with the positive power of art and bringing the community together in a positive way by making art a visible, accessible part of life. Some of the programming includes beginner courses for artists, crafters, and makers of all types, as well as advanced and specialty courses for those who are seeking mastery of particular skills or mediums.

100% of your contributions go to support this non-profit studio which is desperately in need of operational funds at this time. Thank you for your generosity!

Location: The Yoga Sanctuary at St. Andrews Commons – 947 Main Street in the village of Barboursville (aka Jenn Brooks Yoga)
Donation: $75
Sunday May 12th, 1-5pm
Limited reservations will be taken and we do anticipate to fill this event. No refunds on cancellations unless someone can take your spot.

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Jenn Brooks, Teacher: In the yoga I share, I teach others how to find and use their own tools such as awareness of movement, breath, sensation and thought to move beyond this denser place of mental clutter, belief, judgment and opinion to a deeper, more peaceful and lighter sense of ‘I’.  It is from this place where we learn to navigate through our personal selves in a more authentic way, birthing our ‘Yes’, and generously sharing this authenticity in our community.

Tiffany Tatum, Yoga teacher, life-long student and small business owner: I am a newly minted yoga teacher who has been doing the work of unraveling.  I own a small business and as a professional woman, I found I needed to find a balance in my life.  By studying yoga and now, Ayurveda, I’ve come to appreciate the practice of ritual and self-care.  When self-care becomes a ritual, it can be truly powerful and transforming.

Sassa Wilkes, Artist, Author, and Teacher: There is simply no energy like creative energy. I have had the honor of helping others discover, cultivate, and express theirs, as well as sharing my own in so many interesting ways in my life. Recently I’ve been exploring meditative vocal expression and Reiki, and am very excited for the opportunity to to help others find peace and renewal through sharing.

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