Gentle Yoga & Meditation for Beginners

Start your 2020 in a gentle and caring way in this soothing and restorative entry-level yoga class.

A therapeutically-oriented yoga class where we will strengthen muscles deep in the body to support the spine. This type of practice may help relieve some back pain, build core strength and help some balance issues. The focus is on alignment and small, precise movement. It is recommended that you speak with Jenn before registering for this class, as well as your physician if you have an injury.

This is a Level I class and appropriate for students new to yoga who want to work gently, but effectively. Also ideal for students with more yoga experience who want to build subtle awareness and safer movement patterns.

Cost: $95.40 for series of 6 classes
January 16 through February 20, 2020
Thursdays 5:30pm to 7pm
Contact me with questions:  or (304) 638-9608
Location: 947 Main Street in the village of Barboursville

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