Calendar & Directions

Directions: St. Andrews Commons is located in the Village of Barboursville at 947 Main Street. Turn on Stowasser Avenue (which is an alley) then take first right onto curved driveway to the parking lot at back of St. Andrews Commons (a gray block building with a red door, located across from the Baptist Church on Main Street).  Call/text (304) 638-9608 or email.

Gentle Beginner & Beginner Series: This is where we start. Gentle Beginner is designed for those wishing to explore yoga that have limitations in joint ability to bear weight and joint mobility.  Beginner is for those that have no limitations in their joints and wish to start learning yoga from the ground up.  After completing one of these series, you’ll be ready to move to a Level I or Level II series.


My ‘level’ descriptions aren’t a progressive path moving up or down a ladder but instead related to joint mobility and the ability to bear weight in the joints. Read the descriptions and see what class resonates with you. Anyone with joint impairment should schedule a private session with me before signing up for a class.

Level I: Long holds, supported with modifications. Designed for students with limited range of motion in joints. These classes focus on gentle movements and establish basic yoga principles and awareness.

Level I+: We start adding in weight-bearing poses on hands/needs which can be problematic for those with knee/hip/wrist/shoulder injuries. This is still considered gentle, although more active and strengthening.

Level II: Geared toward those with a little more yoga practice experience, and joint mobility and ability to bear weight, who want to build progressively. More work on basic strength and flexibility, with an emphasis on standing poses. These classes are more dynamic and weight bearing.

Restorative Yoga: All classes (except Gentle Beginners and Asana Clinics) now include 30 minutes of restorative yoga at the end.