SERIES: Yoga for Beginners

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Yep, I’m talking about you. Can’t tell your right from left? It may be that you are worried that you aren’t flexible enough, or thin enough, or ‘fill-in-the-blank’ enough. This 5-week intro to yoga series is the best way to start or return to a lasting and meaningful yoga practice.  This series of lessons works with the principals of movement, breathing and functional anatomy so you know which way is up while you learn these poses.

Dates: Aug 16 thru Sept 20 – Thursdays 5:30-7pm
No class Aug 30, Sept 27 (art walk on last Thursday each month)
Location: 947 Main Street in the Village of Barboursville.
Note: As space is limited, I do not offer refunds on advance reservation purchases unless someone can take your spot. I encourage you to gift your purchase to friends or family.

Register: $79.50 for series of 5 classes

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Here is some client feedback from 2016 program, Beyond the Poses: Yoga for the New Student:

“Thank you Jenn and to All in the class ‘Yoga for the New Student.’ Once classes were under way, I looked forward to our Saturday meetings! Very informative and concise regarding a complex topic: Yoga. I enjoyed it so much I will take it again!”   – Stacey S.

“I consider myself fortunate to have taken Jenn Brooks’ class series, ‘Beyond the Poses: Yoga for the New Student.’  In the 10 weeks of class, I am pleased to say that I gained much more than anticipated, learning an amazing amount about my own body, mind and spirit.  I became increasingly mindful of my breath, movement, thought patterns and behavioral motivations. The written materials provided were helpful and reinforcing to my quest and practice.  I am hopeful that Jenn will offer a sequel!”    -Marita H.

“The classes of ‘Yoga for the New Student’ were extremely beneficial for me. I was a beginner at yoga and learned from the ground up. I enjoyed learning the anatomy and physiology of yoga and the poses involved. Learning the controlled breathing was a most important part of the process for me. Concentrating on the breathing while holding the poses is a very engaging process and the mindfulness has been very healing for me.

“I love Jenn’s teaching style. She explains well but isn’t overly wordy. She teaches that her students are to modify as necessary and not go beyond a personal edge. She has such a huge wealth of knowledge and is very willing to share.”      -Suzanne S.
“I am far from a new yoga student. I began my yoga practice in 1982. I have had many teachers along the way. All of them taught me something to add to my practice. But that was the problem, I couldn’t get that home practice going. I actually gave it up for about 20 yrs. But thanks to this class I am back and loving my yoga again. I am especially grateful to finally learn to ‘yoke’ my breath to the movement. This has helped to make my yoga practice more of a prelude to my meditation. This class has just made me want to learn more.”     -Cindy D.