For Ayurveda Rejuvenation

Revised for September – December 2020

Here is a quick rundown of what is on deck:
Saturday, September 5th 11am-12:15pm: This is part 1 of “moving forward.” We will be creating intentions for this next phase and gathering information. There will be a lot of legwork, in other words, it is experiential. Bring a journal, a writing instrument, your beginner’s mind and be ready to take action.

Saturday, September 26th 11am-12:15pm: This is part 2 of “moving forward.” We will be putting it together, creating our daily rituals (dinacharya) as well as considering monthly, seasonal, annual personal rituals.

October 17-26 is the fall restorative cleanse week. I have not put the schedule together but it will include several live Zoom meetings, worksheets, recipes, meditations and practices. Mark this on your calendar now. This is what we are working toward.

Saturday, November 21st 11am-12:15pm: A thankful season…we will explore prana/tejas/ojas and how we can continue building, solidifying our spiritual container.

SUNDAY, December 27, 1-2:15pm: A recap of 2020 as well as a preview of 2021.

Watch a few free lessons and sign up here:

All members of the 2020 Ayurveda program will receive a special offer for the 2021 program, to be launched later this year or in January.


Live more vibrantly and with more grace, ease and peace through the ancient teachings of Ayurveda wisdom. For less than 75 cents a day, you will be introduced to a holistic approach to your health that includes all aspects: Diet, movement, stillness, contemplation, relationships, mental and hormonal balance. You’ll learn ways to actively prioritize self care, bit by by, so that by the end of the year you will have a solid daily routine that supports your healthy and peaceful lifestyle.

I’m your guide and coach (cheerleader). You do the work. You have to show up for yourself. Each month we will have an online meeting that lasts around 90 minutes via Zoom (read more in the details below). I’ll have a topic that will be our focus, along with inquiries, optional homework, suggested readings and meditations.

Twice a year, April and October are the cleanses. The spring and fall cleanse will include 3 Zoom group meetings, daily email tips, meditations and inquiries, Facebook group support for the yearlong members, shopping lists, recipes and all the instruction to set you up for a successful cleanse and post-rejuvenation.

Here is a tentative schedule of topics and it may change as we progress through the year: The first quarter monthly live Zoom meetings are tentatively scheduled for the last Saturday of each month 11am to 12:30pm.

January 25

Making space in your life for self care. The Dhatus (tissues).

February 22

Agni Part 1

March 28

Agni Part 2 & Ama


Spring cleanse

May 30

Doshas, post cleanse rejuvenation


Sleep rhythms, Ojas


Tejas and Prana




Sex and stress hormonal balance.


Fall Cleanse


Moving toward the holidays with grace and support.


Reaping the rewards of the year.

The Details:

Zoom is a free online video conferencing program that works with desktops, notepads and smartphones. I will record the meetings for those who cannot attend live.

I will have a Facebook Group set up for the yearlong program members where we can share with each other and support each other. I may add some live check-ins through the Facebook Group. I realize not everyone is on Facebook but for those of you who are, this will be an additional resource for you.

To work with me one-on-one for a customized, holisitic approach is highly recommended. Ayurveda is very individualized and though a program is a great way to get started and have group support, a group program does not take into account your individual and unique need. Members of this program may take an option of 3 personalized sessions for $75 ea. spaced out through the year and the change of the seasons. Sessions will be about 75-minutes in length on Zoom. My regular rate is $125/hour.

Message me to get started.

Thank you. After paying, request admittance to the group by clicking here:

In addition to being an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach, I am also an Awareness/Transparency Coach.