Ayurveda Rejuvenation Online Program

Live more vibrantly and with more grace, ease and peace through the ancient teachings of Ayurveda wisdom. For less than 75 cents a day, you will be introduced to a holistic approach to your health that includes all aspects: Diet, movement, stillness, contemplation, relationships, mental and hormonal balance. You’ll learn ways to actively prioritize self care, bit by by, so that by the end of the year you will have a solid daily routine that supports your healthy and peaceful lifestyle.

I’m your guide and coach (cheerleader). You do the work. You have to show up for yourself. Each month we will have an online meeting that lasts around 90 minutes via Zoom (read more in the fine details below). I’ll have a topic that will be our focus, along with inquiries, optional homework, suggested readings and meditations.

Twice a year, late March and early October are the cleanses. The spring and fall cleanse will include 3 Zoom group meetings, daily email tips, meditations and inquiries, Facebook group support, shopping lists, recipes and all the instruction to set you up for a successful cleanse and post-rejuvenation.

Here is a tentative schedule of topics and it may change as we progress through the year:


Making space in your life for self care.


Eliminating toxins (ama).


Spring Cleanse


Building ojas (rejuvenation) post cleanse.


Tejas and agni.




Understanding your dosha (your tendencies).




Sex and stress hormonal balance.


Fall Cleanse


Moving toward the holidays with grace and support.


Reaping the rewards of the year.

The Details:

Zoom is a free online video conferencing program that works with desktops, notepads and smartphones. You can download it and try it out. I will record the meetings for those who cannot attend live.

I will have a Facebook Group set up for the Program members where we can share with each other and support each other. I may add some live check-ins through the Facebook Group. I realize not everyone is on Facebook but for those of you who are, this will be an additional resource for you.

The introductory program fee for the entire year is $280*. (Hint…in 2021 it will be a lot more.)

All series class members or members of the Foundational Yoga Training program may take a discount of $80 ($200* for the program).
Family Discount – Message me. ❤
*plus sales tax.

To work with me one-on-one for a customized, holisitic approach is highly recommended. Ayurveda is very individualized and though a program is a great way to get started and have group support, a group program does not take into account your individual and unique need. Members of this program may take an option of 3 personalized sessions for $75 ea. spaced out through the year and the change of the seasons. Sessions will be about 75-minutes in length on Zoom. My regular rate is $125/hour.

Spring Cleanse or Fall Cleanse only: You may elect to do only the cleanse weeks. $45 each.

Message me to get started.